About GeoStruct

GeoStruct combines over 20 years telecom experience in network design, financial management and system implementation. With this knowledge we successfully provide ways to reduce the end-to-end cost of network planning and management. In practice we help our customers to re-think and improve their processes, enabled by our state-of-the-art software products.

GeoStruct is founded by:

Dieter Gerritsendieter

Dieter Gerritsen is the CEO of Geostruct and as such responsible for sales, implementation and training and all confractual and financial affairs. Dieter is an experienced program manager, with a track record in fast-paced system implementations for improving reporting, financial and logistic processes in large (stock-listed) companies. In the first 15 years of his career, he worked in various technical and financial positions at Unilever and telecom (AT&T Unisource, Infonet), utility and cable television companies.

Dieter has a MSc in aerospace engineering of the Delft University of Technology and is a certified management accountant (CMA) and member of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).

Rinus Schoutenrinus

Rinus Schouten is the CTO of GeoStruct. He is responsible for the software development. In the past twenty years, Rinus was the head of several software departments and has a lot of experience with complex development projects.

Rinus was the architect of and responsible for the development of FlexPro, that can be seen as the precursor of Infra Management Suite. Rinus is also very experienced in complex conversion processes and integration of different database, CAD and GIS systems.