GeoStruct IMS

GeoStruct’s main product is the Infra Management Suite (IMS). This software application has an extremely flexible data model that enables configuration of virtually any existing or future network. It offers  solutions for fiber (FttX), coax, waste-water, electricity, gas and water, or any combination of networks. This state-of-the-art product, has become a defacto standard in the Dutch market for fiber networks, with almost 100% marketshare within 3 only years. Currently GeoStruct is growing quickly and expanding to Germany, Scandinavië, Europe and the rest of the world.

The fully integrated database, GIS and CAD functionality and unique automated mathematical engineering tool, make Infra Management Suite a smart and powerful tool, capable of supporting all aspects of network design and support, in a user-friendly and very effective way. IMS has proven to be and unique tool to optimize the design and engineering of networks, to reduce the overall cost and throughput time.

GeoStruct’s life cycle of building a network has four phases; plan, design, realize and use.

The first phase is the plan phase. In this phase the identification of new projects is made. For example a fiber to the home project/network in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. The second phase is the design phase. The question that has to be asked containing this phase is how it is possible to build this network project with design optimization.

After the network is designed it is important that the design is ready to take it to the next phase, realizing the network. Our application helps in multiple ways to realize the network. It can generate working documents such as splice diagrams, cable overviews and more. When the project is realized, the network is ready to use. Once is the network is in use, the analyzation of the network/design can start. When improvements are found, the circle can start all over again.

We have this process visualized in the following schedule.


More information can be found in our brochure.