GeoStruct IMS

A fully configurable tablet application for field workers such as surveyers, contractors and supervisors.

  • Every type of user has its own work set definition. The various in-the-field activities run under the same license.
  • Automatic export and import of work sets to synchronise the GeoStruct IMS database. This enables engineering to monitor and control all in-the-field processes.
  • Communication via off-the-shelf syncing solutions, like Dropbox or SkyDrive. This facilitates off-line use and minimizes datatransfer, with associated cost advantages.
  • Complete GeoStruct IMS overview in-the-field. The detail of a designed network can be made transparent for everyone via tablet or laptop.
  • GeoStruct has developed worksets for survey, home visits, digging trenches, blowing cables, installation of FTUs and other, covering all in-the-field activities.