Building any modern infrastructure network, from FTTX to 5G, is challenging and complex. GeoStruct simplifies and optimizes this process by supporting the end-to-end planning and management of new and existing networks. Our software application enables telco’s, contractors, property developers and builders to transparently plan, design, realize and manage next-generation networks in one database. Using and reusing real-time data in the office as well as in the field, our unique tool drastically reduces costs and time to market.

“Turn raw data into valuable information in every phase of the network development process.”

Phase 1: Determine your ROI

This phase is all about determining a project’s feasibility. Easily gather all relevant data for (civil) routes, addresses, network concept connectivity and component structure. Make use of satellite photos, maps, cost optimization algorithms, sharp presentations and a basis for detailed design.

Phase 2: Detailing the design

Reuse all data from phase 1 to design and plan the network, whether you’re a contractor, architect or developer. Simplify this phase by using our smart clustering algorithms, online survey input, GPS measurements, detailed connection plans, optimization routines & automatic validations and quality checks.

Phase 3: Building the network

Add speed and transparency to your project with our workforce planning tool, automatically generated assembly & work instructions, maps, and real-time, online design changes. Avoid surprises with our progress monitoring tool to make sure the project generates revenue quicker and at lower cost.

Phase 4: Revision

Ensure that all components are built according to plan with online automatic relocation of components through GPS measurements as well as online as-built delivery. If required, export all actual data to your company’s own project database.

Phase 5: Administration support

Use GeoStruct as your single source of truth for asset management. Stay on top of your network’s health with GeoStruct’s life-cycle management and service & repair reports. Easily define the capacity of your network using logical network analysis, and quickly discover connection issues with fault tracing.

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