10 years of GeoStruct, a gamechanger in network development

Introduction and recent market developments
2020 will go down in history as an exceptional year. The Covid crisis continues to have a major impact on businesses worldwide and on the daily lives of each and every one of us. As a result, the importance of digital connectivity has grown enormously, providing a huge boost to digitisation and fast internet. GeoStruct Infra Management Suite (IMS) is a vital link in the design, construction and management of these digital networks.

Fast connectivity, fibre optic networks and growing bandwidths are rapidly becoming a necessity of life, on a par with energy and water supplies. Working from home and video calling have made GeoStruct’s proven SaaS solution and its smart engineering tools more relevant than ever in the design of fibre optic and other networks. And developments in 5G, the Internet of Things and Smart Cities are sure to increase this need significantly in the years ahead.

10 years of GeoStruct
2020 has also been a special year for GeoStruct. The Utrecht-based company celebrated its 10-year anniversary, a milestone worth reflecting on despite all the turbulence in the world. Founded in 2010, its ambition and vision was to use intelligent software solutions to radically automate the entire process from design to rollout of fibre optic networks, making the process not only more transparent and manageable, but also far more cost-effective. In those 10 years, GeoStruct has grown organically in response to market developments.

A flying start
Rinus Schouten (CTO) and Dieter Gerritsen (CEO) joined forces to found GeoStruct in 2010. At the time, much of the work carried out by telecom companies, contractors and engineers was both manual and time-consuming. All this changed with the arrival of the GeoStruct IMS software platform, with smart algorithms that streamline the process of designing complex networks.

The advantages of GeoStruct’s technology were quickly recognised and soon became a de facto standard in the Netherlands, used by major players such as KPN, NKM, Reggefiber, VolkerWessels Telecom, BAM, Allinq, Spitters, Siers, TKF and Van Gelder. Since those early years, the GeoStruct team has continued to expand and professionalise in line with growing demand.

GeoStruct platform to the cloud
An important next step was to make the software platform fully suitable for the cloud in 2014, assuring online accessibility from any device, whether in the office or out in the field. This greatly increased international scalability, as that same year GeoStruct took another bold step forward: since 2014, it has also supported international IMS customers in the rollout of fibre optic networks.

Scaling up internationally
It started in the Netherlands, but the platform was soon noticed abroad. From 2015, GeoStruct carried out various international network design projects and trials, from Spain to Germany and the Czech Republic, and more recently in the Philippines. In recent years activities in Germany have gained momentum, partly due to the ambitious plans of Deutsche Glasfaser. The knowledge and experience gained with GeoStruct technology in the Netherlands has once again proved its value across borders.

Launch of e-learning LMS
To provide its growing customer base with the best possible service, in 2019 GeoStruct developed an e-learning program as an aid to project implementation of the software platform. This online Learning Management System (LMS) helps engineers, developers and managers to use and scale the platform to optimum effect by offering on-the-job training and certification.

Innovation in network design
In addition, GeoStruct continues to expand the functionalities of its innovative software platform. This includes a High-Level Design tool, which can be used to engineer over 5,000 homes in half a day. New technologies such as augmented reality are also an asset when it comes to making home connections easier and better.

At GeoStruct, we are continuously striving to improve your user experience. In February this year, we added BGT & BRT trench and crossings to our portfolio. Our service has now been further expanded with new High-Level Design (HLD) tooling and improved algorithms.

We would like to introduce and explain the new HLD functionality and tooling, which is included in the standard IMS license and available for existing customers at no additional cost.

Feel free to send out a request for more information or a demonstration about the new HLD-Tooling or the BGT & BRT trench patterns.

Focus on the future
The GeoStruct IMS platform has more than proven its added value, making network projects fully transparent, easier to grasp and more predictable through every stage of the process. The result: significant savings in both time and costs.

GeoStruct originated from a clear vision and ambition and over the past decade has further developed its software into a very stable, scalable and future-proof platform. It offers a turnkey solution for network design, financial management and system implementation for fibre optic (FttX), coax, electricity, gas and water, in addition to network combinations.

Today, 10 years after those early beginnings, a decade of fantastic opportunities lies ahead. Working closely with our customers, we want to continue to build the digital infrastructure of the future!

About GeoStruct
GeoStruct specialises in network design and maintenance software, providing state-of-the-art solutions for planning, calculation, design, as-built registration and management of telecom and broadband networks (FttX, VDSL, HFC, coax, copper).

The company’s main product is the GeoStruct Infra Management Suite (IMS). A fully integrated database combines with GIS and CAD functionality to make IMS a very powerful tool that can support all network aspects (Inside Plant, Outside Plant, MDU, fieldforce management). This application is a highly flexible and comprehensive solution for all network and infrastructure issues.

Dieter Gerritsen
CEO and Co-Founder of GeoStruct

Rinus Schouten
CTO and Co-Founder of GeoStruct

GeoStruct: ‘Gamechanger in network development’