GeoStruct new HLD-tool for easy & fast network design

At GeoStruct, we are continuously striving to improve your user experience. In February this year, we added BGT & BRT trench and crossings to our portfolio. Our service has now been further expanded with new High-Level Design (HLD) tooling and improved algorithms.

We would like to introduce and explain the new HLD functionality and tooling, which is included in the standard IMS license and available for existing customers at no additional cost.

Feel free to send out a request for more information or a demonstration about the new HLD-Tooling or the BGT & BRT trench patterns.

Case study of a large (50.000+) project: efficient, configurable,
and detailed information.

The main new features are:

  • Save time with accurate trenches and crossings based on BGT & BRT data;

  • Create high-level demarcations with railways, highways, and waterways provided;

  • Outside of The Netherlands, Open Street Map (OSM) databases can be used for trenches, buildings, and address points;

  • Cost-driven clustering of large and complicated areas with our improved AutoCluster 5;

  • Create ducts automatically based on a pre-defined rules-set. This rules-set can be easily customized to suit your specific situation. We are ready to help you to adjust these rules for you;

  • Get a detailed cost overview in every stage of the design;

  • Select any percentage of most expensive clients;

  • Automatically allocate surface specifications (data to be provided by you) and pollution data to trenches and drillings;

  • Cluster multiple topological network levels at once with the improved Network Wizard;

  • Dive into the online training or set-up a consultancy session.

HLD-Tooling demonstrated:

Interested in what this tooling can mean for you?

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